Mr. Natty

Natty means smart and fashionable. It could also mean dreadlocks. I somehow thought of this story when I saw that word. The story is nowhere close to being coherent but somehow I could draw a picture book out of this, haha. (If I had the amazing ability to draw, that is)

Meet Mr. Natty, who is known to nobody except kids below three.
I reckon he is slightly above thirty.
Boy, he is as quirky as he is legendary.
Yellow dreads, viridian scales with something feathery.
Neon-coloured furry weeds, rotating eyeballs with orange edges of three.

Meet Mr. Natty, and join him when the stars are shiny.
Listen to his endless collection of fascinating stories.
Ride on crushing waves of the seven seas;
Dance on fluttering petals of strawberries;
Soar across his whimsical clouds of fancy.

Meet Mr. Natty, a face whom the adults do not see.
I reckon he is as shy as he is ordinary.
The kids would protest unanimously, that the brilliant Mr. Natty is dreamy.
In a world where adults were not to be, who are we to draw its boundaries?
Mr. Natty is natty, just the very way he should forever be.



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